Fp Cupido srl

Via Marco Biagi e Massimo D'Antona 2

Tel: 071 977612
Fax: 071 7501904
P.IVA 02395490424


Pierluigi Cupido

Management and Sales Executive

Lorenza Cupido

Purchasing Manager

Oriana Bonifazi

Administrative and Production Manager


Marco Ascani

Plant Manager

Andrea Temperilli

Quality Manager

Emmanuelle Taverna

Export Assistant



Quality is not goal, but our way of interpreting our work at Fp Cupido which is guaranteed by the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification. This certification had not been chosen because of the demand of higher standards, but because of our will to ensure high quality standards and services. We also introduced quality checks along the production process and internal-process assessment benchmarks. Ongoing improvement is at the base of companies that, like Fp Cupido, want to keep being leaders in a demanding and dynamic global market.

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