Metal Cleaning

We transform the raw product through:


  • burnishing
  • tumbling
  • deburring
  • blasting


For over 20 years, Fp Cupido has had its own internal fully self-cleaning-metal departments, performing burnishing, tumbling, deburring and blasting of all kinds.

Through the use of experienced staff and manual and semi-automatic machinery, very high quality standards are guaranteed, both for simple and small details and for evolved and aesthetic products intended for more refined finishing, such as chrome plating.


Finishing in the rough status

The frosting belongs to finishing operations of the processing of the materials still raw. It's a fundamental step of cicle, in which the operator must use accuracy, in order to obtain on pieces of steel or other metals, by abrasion, a uniform surface and ready for the next processing is planned.


Surface finish

The tumbling is a surface finishing treatment that returns to the treated product a very smooth surface. Is performed with semi-automatic machines, the pieces are mixed with abrasive cones that through vibrations removes burrs and imperfections from manufacturing and cutting. Particularly suitable for subsequent processing such as painting or plating.


Improve the visual appearance

The blasting is useful to improve the appearance of zama-die products, allows you to remove small superficial differences that are created due to the high castability of zama. Also allow to remove the small burrs that can be formed during the molding. Working parts, you get special clean with smooth surfaces and as roughness, both as a visual.


Quality is not goal, but our way of interpreting our work at Fp Cupido which is guaranteed by the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification. This certification had not been chosen because of the demand of higher standards, but because of our will to ensure high quality standards and services. We also introduced quality checks along the production process and internal-process assessment benchmarks. Ongoing improvement is at the base of companies that, like Fp Cupido, want to keep being leaders in a demanding and dynamic global market.

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