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Fp Cupido is a constantly evolving company, with a blend of maturity and experience. With dynamism and innovative strength, we highlight the virtues and abilities of individuals in our team, and our departments share their objectives in order to achieve common success.

Our mission is to become a reference company, which puts its human resources in the centre so that they are capable of operating in full compliance with quality, safety and environment standards.

Our work

At Fp Cupido we have integrated departments and a fleet of efficient, flexible and diversified machineries, which make the company capable of producing components of various size and weight.

The company’s heart is the Zama die-casting department, which allows us to obtain, high precision details with complex shapes and very thin walls, at a low cost while ensuring consistent quality in both small and large series.

Zama’s strength, hardness and ductility makes it a very versatile material, which finds application in the realization of a wide range of products: bathroom accessories, appliance and lighting components, fasteners, hinges, handles and plates, furnishing accessories and fancy goods.

With our experience gained over the decades and collaboration with historical partners, Fp Cupido is the prime contractor for those customers who want to reach their final goal while being fully safe and relaxed about the whole process.

Fp Cupido we are able to manage all stages of production, from designing and mold manufacture, to hot chamber die-casting; from polishing and cleaning of metals, to the final electroplating (Zinc plating, Nickel plating, etc..) up to the final testing and shipment.

Currently Fp Cupido work on an area of 5600m2, 3000 m2 of which are covered and with a staff of 30 employees.

Quality and service are our powers for years, resulting in products processed in accordance with an agreed timeline;
Fp Cupido is totally convinced that it is the best way to achieve full customer satisfaction.

azienda fp cupido

40 Years in business

Experience and quality at your service


Born the FP by Francesca Paoletti. The company was born from an intuition of Francesca, former employee in the primary manufacturer of religious articles, that with 1 employee and the workshop under the house, the adventure begins business, producing zinc and pewter giftware.


Join the company Attilio e Pierluigi Cupido (respectively husband and son of the owner).


Were opened departments of burnishing and tumbling.


Was opened departments of die-cast zinc alloy and maintenance.


Was opened the new production site of 1000 sm of Biagi e D'Antona street.


Inauguration of the workshop department.


Join the company Lorenza Cupido (youngest daughter of the owner).


The company change your name on srl, with the name of Fp Cupido srl, and Francesca hands over leadership of the company to Pierluigi.


The company acquired the ISO 9001 certification, with the goal of raising the quality standards.


Opening of a new production unit of 2000 m2 adjacent and closely connected to the existing one.


The company align the ISO 9001 standard with the new 2015 requirements.



Quality is not goal, but our way of interpreting our work at Fp Cupido which is guaranteed by the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification. This certification had not been chosen because of the demand of higher standards, but because of our will to ensure high quality standards and services. We also introduced quality checks along the production process and internal-process assessment benchmarks. Ongoing improvement is at the base of companies that, like Fp Cupido, want to keep being leaders in a demanding and dynamic global market.

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