Zama Die-Casting

The reasons for Zama die-casting:

  • high recyclability
  • excellent thin wall capability (up to 1 mm )
  • extremely high strength and hardness of surface
  • suitable for any metal processing
  • highly suitable for any galvanic processing
  • very high machinery life expectancy
  • low production costs

Over the years, at Fp Cupido our moulding department has evolved from centrifugal fusion technology to Zama die-casting.
Zama is a raw material that can guarantee the highest quality standards with low operating costs.

With the help of four presses, ranging from 50 to 175 TONs, the company produces items ranging from accessories for doors, windows and furniture, to lighting and furnishings.

Particular attention is paid to prime quality Zama ingots supply, which ensure long lasting results and reduced waste.


Main Features

The items produced with Zamak Die-Casting offer more impact and usury resistance respect to articles produced with some other alloys or made of plastic, because the zama has a hardness comparable to that of cast iron or brass. Also the usury resistance, already very high, is increased further if the items in zama undergo a process of cleaning, frosting, burnishing, tumbling, blasting and chromium plating.


Aesthetic Profile

Aside from the ability of resistance much greater than aluminum alloys, magnesium and plastics, the Zamak alloy ensures the production of articles not only functional, but also by the high aesthetic profile.The zamak die-cast can be used in construction, electronics, automotive, furniture, well as in several other areas. In short, use the Zama means making a choice in the name of efficiency and quality.


Production Costs

The die-cast zamak allows to obtain, at a low cost, articles and special contours very accurate, durable, of quality absolutely constant, in both small and large productions. Also the cost of the mold for casting Zamak is amortized through an almost infinite number of beats, the mold having a duration of hundreds of thousands of jokes. Production wastes, moreover, are recyclable and the energy consumption is very low.


Quality is not goal, but our way of interpreting our work at Fp Cupido which is guaranteed by the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification. This certification had not been chosen because of the demand of higher standards, but because of our will to ensure high quality standards and services. We also introduced quality checks along the production process and internal-process assessment benchmarks. Ongoing improvement is at the base of companies that, like Fp Cupido, want to keep being leaders in a demanding and dynamic global market.

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